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Sovanabrata Sircar is an epoch-making illustrious Classical Manipuri Dancer, Choreographer, son of Rabindranath Sircar & Chhabi Sircar. He is disciple of well known exponent Guru Bipin Singh & Kalavati Devi. He learned Manipuri & Kathakali Dance from Visva Bharati University, Santiniketan. Sovanabrata has comprehensive training as Classical & Semi-classical dance style of India. He has trained under the guidance of Shree Chittaranjan Dasgupta, Arti Acharya and Smt. Sushmita Mishra (Kathak), Prof. Kalamandalam T. Shankar Narayanan (Kathakali), Guru Shyama Charan Pati & Guru Tapan Pattanayek (Chhau). And trained intensively “Thang-Ta” (Martial art of Manipur). He has imbibed the finer nuances of Manipuri dance and Pung (Manipuri drum) playing.

Sovanabrata performed all over India and abroad. Some of the important ones are Uday Shankar Festival (organized by the Govt. of West Bengal), Dance Drama Festival (Govt. of West Bengal), Spring Festival (organized by Eastern Zonal Cultural Centre), Daman Festival (organized by West Zonal Cultural Centre), Sarad Baivab Festival (Chennai), Swami Haridas Sammelan (Vrindavan), Konarak Festival (Orissa), Nimapara Mahotsav (Orissa), Vysakhi Nrithyotsov 2009 (All India Classical Dance Festival, Andhrapradesh), Naatay Tarang Sangeeth Nrithyotsav (Hyderabad) and many other dance festivals organized by the various state Govts. He also participated in many Tv. Programmes. Sovanabrata Sircar is actively associated with Centre for Cultural Resources and Training, under the aegis of Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India, in the implementation of Cultural Talent Search Scholarship Scheme and the Training Programmes.

Nutan Sovan Sircar has been associated with Indian Classical dances like Kathak and Manipuri since the tender age 8 years.  She is very creative and innovative in her field. She is very well versed with Gujarati folk dance like Tippani, Garba, Daniya, and so no. Nutan received training in Kathak dance from Shreyas Foundation (school of Leenaben Sarabhai, Ahmedabad). Nutan learn Manipuri Dance from Mr. Sovanabrata Sircar. She has also learnt Thang-ta (Martial art of Manipur) and Pung (Manipuri Drum). Nutan has also performed in some of the prestigious dance festivals and programmes. Some of the important ones are Daman Festival (organized by the West zone cultural centre), Nimapara Mahotsav (Orissa), Spring Festival (organized by the Eastern zonal cultural centre), Swami Haridas Somaraho (Vrindavan), “Vysakhi Nrithyosav” all India classical dance festival – 2009 (Visakhapatnam, Andhrapradesh), Naatya Tarang Sangeeth Nrithyosav (Hyderabad) and many other dance festivals organized by the various State governments. She has also participated in many Tv. Programmes and lecture demonstration with Sovanabrata Sircar. "Gyanameba Balam" ...knowledge is power... one of the best experimental production of Nutan's,  which is supported by Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India.